We love to focus on a high-end atmosphere that is accessible to all. 

Soon after Han Ba Tang opened, Chef Kevin Shin joined the Han Ba Tang team to upgrade and revamp the culinary experience; customers couldn't of been more satisfied. This was only the beginning of Shin's adventure as Kim had a new culinary idea...

MeNami - meaning Little Tide - is the first genuinely traditional Udon House in all of Ontario. The belief is in bringing Traditional Japanese Udon to the people of Toronto. 

Menami is owned and operated by Chae Kim, the current owner of Han Ba Tang, Yonge and Finch's most popular restaurant. Han Ba Tang is known for introducing Korean Tapas in modern presentations in addition to bringing the foodie community together. 

Beef Udon at the best udon house in Toronto - MeNami
Best udon in North York at MeNami udon restaurant and sake bar


The Concept: To Introduce authentic oriental noodles with western sauces using modern presentation. Udon would provide the perfect marriage of the two. She sent Kevin to Kagawa Hyun last Spring (the original town of Udon) to learn how to make it. 

Chef Kevin Shin created the popular menus at Nome Izakaya, opened former Kujira Izakaya downtown before finally joining Chae at Han Ba Tang. 

It has been a challenging journey. Before Kevin began his travels to Japan, both Chae and Kevin believed there couldn't be much of a difference between frozen and handmade Udon, they quickly discovered the major differences upon Kevin's first phone call back home. It was necessary that the noodles be made traditionally, they now had to jump in with two feet. 

Artisanal Udon 

They imported a Japanese Udon machine from Kagawa, Japan,  a very delicate machine to transport. The available flour is limited in Canada and it was important to figure out the best ratio for mixing with local products and Japanese flour. They made special preparations and created a special dough room where the flour must be kept for an entire year to acclimatize.  The Temperature and moisture must remain at a constant in order to maintain the authentic textures they strive for. While Kevin was in Japan, he had learned that every detail of the dishes get attention, from the softening of the water, even to the cutting of the dough was so important to keep even quality. Naturally, they must still keep a few secrets...

Now, MeNami has finally opened and is introducing Japanese Authentic Udon to the people of Toronto like Kama Udon Soup, Tsuke cold Udon and also Fusion Style Udon with western sauces.

Traditional and Local sake available at Torontos best sake bar MeName
Delicious sake drinks at Toronto's best sake bar: MeNami on Yonge has the best udon and sake in the city


For perfect paring with the food menu, MeNami has installed an excellent quality of Sake on draft - Nama Nama Sake from a local Sake brewery, Izumi.  It is unique and the perfect match with Udon, but for a whole new experience you may also choose from the curated list of Sake-based cocktails.